Reaping what you sow.


I’ll be totally honest, my girls do not really enjoy weeding in the garden.

So…when I decided as part of their school year in the spring they would each grow their own fair sized garden plot start to finish, I expected them to complain!


Instead, they seemed excited!


It’ll be great in many ways for all of us. This years garden was overwhelming for me, I work full time hours plus homeschool, and the homestead. This will give about a third of my garden size over to them to care for.


In turn, they will be free to plant anything they would like, and watch it grow from seed to harvest! After that, preserving, cooking, and eating the foods they grow will also be a part of their learning process.

I think they are excited for a few reasons, but one is that even though they don’t like weeding, they LOVE harvesting, and they realize the work really does lead to the reward.


Even though this is our 20th homeschool year, I can honestly say I’m as excited for this upcoming year as I was on our first year!
We’re reaping what we’ve sown, in the garden and in our schooling too.

I can finally let go of a dream, happily!

Our previous home, the one we just moved out of, was the
home I had fallen in love with so long ago, the home I wanted to
move into since my husband first moved to the prairies of
Saskatchewan, the home I had asked him to go take a look at, to see
if it was possibly THE home for us, the BIG
that was so fabulous on the realtors listing was my
DREAM home. The size of the house was
fantastic, plus
there was a two car garage and 87
acres. I felt it was a piece of heaven on the prairies! When we
first moved in, I shared about my love of the great big beautiful
But… as our Long Way Home seems to have proven over and over
again this past year… It just was not meant to be. Here we are,
after our third move in one year. When we were first given our
notice to move out, I
grieved. Really,
I did. I loved
that home. What’s not to love? The kitchen was amazing.